Our approach is anything
but bog standard.

Over three decades of extensive research has gone into our casing technology. That’s why growers from all over the world trust us to create bespoke, consistent, high quality casing that complement their growing conditions and produce strong yields.

Raw Material

To this day deep dug black peat is the critical component needed for achieving successful mushroom yields. We supply black peat in various grades, tailoring our casing to suit your individual growing needs.

Packaging Options

We provide a range of packaging solutions for both local and international delivery and can customise each order to suit your requirements.


For compact volume substrate needs we offer Polybags. These watertight bags ensure long term quality and safe storage for your substrates.

Available in 50 litre bags

FIBC’s (Bulk Container)

For larger volume substrates, we offer FIBC’s. These watertight containers are perfect for temporary storage and safe transportation of dry bulk goods.

Available sizes include:1 cubic metre; 1.2 cubic metres; 1.5 cubic metres; 2.5 cubic metres.

Bulk Delivery

Ideal solution for large bulk substrate needs which we can customise to suit individual customer requirements.

Get in touch today to place your order.

On-site Consultation

To us, working with our clients is much more than simply supplying substrates. Our expertise has been successfully employed by many global growers. With on-site consultations and advice on the best practice for your particular geographical characteristics, we can help to maximise yields from the word go.

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